[AZ-Observing] Fraudulent email from this list

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  • Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 17:39:46 -0500

Hello all;

I have received two fraudulent emails, they look like they are from
American Airlines and give an electronic account number, which is
fraudulent.  The email asks you to open a "zip" file that is attached and
that file will ask you for personal information that will allow the "fink"
to get money from your account.

The fraud investigation division of American Airlines says it is
perpetrated from Russia and do not open the zip file.

I believe that someone on this list has poor safety on their computer and
has allowed these people to get the list.  Or, it could be Facebook.  I
have heard they are having trouble as well.  I will close down my Facebook
account right away, I don't use it often.

Be careful;
Steve Coe
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