[AZ-Observing] For Sale: Celestron CGE Mount, Tripod & 2 Counterweights

  • From: Mike Wiles <mikewilesaz@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: AZ-Observing@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 16:43:06 -0700

Hello all,
I really don't want to mess with having to ship the mount so I'm offering
it up here before broadcasting its availability to a wider audience on that
other site.  I'm offering up for sale my Celestron CGE mount along with
accessories.  This is the mount that I have used for all of my imaging in
the last year.  Alas, I've moved up to a larger mount so this one has to go
in an effort to offset some of that cost.  The package includes:

1 - Celestron CGE Mount - With a capacity of 65 pounds the mount will carry
most any reasonable load that you want to put on it.  The mount also
includes two 22 pound counterweights.  The mount was hypertuned by Ed
Thomas of Deep Space Products back in November and has performed even
better since.  After nailing down the first two alignment stars and then
slewing to the other side of the sky for the first calibration star - the
mount will routinely put the calibration star within about 50 pixels of the
center of my CCD camera.  It comes packed in the original box from
Celestron along with the heavy duty tripod that shipped with the CGE
mounts.  I do not have the original box for the tripod. The hand controller
contains the latest firmware and the cables are all in excellent
condition.  The DEC cable was replaced in December and is only a few months

2 - ADM Dual Series 12" Saddle - This mount has a 12" saddle that has dual
channels cut into it to accept either a standard Losmandy style dovetail
plate OR a Vixen dovetail.

3 - ADM knob replacement kit - I don't believe this replacement kit is
still available.  Use of these knobs allows for field assembly of the CGE
without the need for tools.  I am also including all of the original hex
bolts/knobs that came with the CGE - so there are two full sets included.

The mount and tripod have some minor marks from normal wear and tear, but
perform excellently.  My ultimate goal for myself is long focal length deep
sky imaging and I recently acquired a new mount for that purpose.  That is
the only reason that I'm selling this mount.  A search of recent ads on
Astromart shows that the CGE has a going price of $2200 to $2400.  I'm
offering the mount here for $2000.  The mount is currently boxed up and
ready to go.  Here is a picture of the mount setup and ready to go.  Please
note that the refractor, camera and batteries are not included.  Also note
that there are 2 counterweights included in this sale - only one is shown
in the photo.



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