[AZ-Observing] Re: Flatiron Novice Group meeting a success

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  • Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 12:31:40 EST

I'll Second Steve in saying last night was a success. A for the novice 
portion of the evening, as he said only a few folks showed up, but they got a 
lesson in collimating their scopes. Considering how much new glass was out 
there, and how iffy things looked in the morning & afternoon, it cleared up 
As Steve said I spent most of my time observing in Monocoros, but I'll let 
you read about the observation in the next newsletter :) One side trip I kept 
making was to Jupiter, which put on a show of Gallilean moon events. Once 
Jupiter was out I turn Gert on it and worked the power up to 200x. even though 
in the East the seeing was pretty steady at that power and one could easily 
make out the shadow of Ganyemede on the NEB. Io was close to beginning a 
According to SkyMap Pro, Ganyemede's Shadow would leave the Jovian disk at 
2029 and Io's would enter at 2044. Both occurred right on time. As a Bonus, 
Steve Perry alerted me to Ganyemede's egress from transit, Always interesting 
watch a planet grow a little bump while the moon passes the limb. At 2219 
(Again, right on schedule), I waited for Europa to emerge from eclipse. It 
to emerge in about 2 seconds from when I noticed it. Fortunately I was 
looking at the disc at the time or I might have missed it. I expected it to 
further from the limb than it did. It was interesting to note that it was 
noticeably dimmer than Ganyemede, now well away from the limb. 

So, aside from my observing chair breaking on me, it was solid night of good 
observing. On to the Marathon. 

Rick Tejera
Editor SACnews
Saguaro Astronomy Club
Phoenix, Arizona

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