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Debbie, I think most of us will be leaving on Friday and return on Sunday. 
As far as canceling is concerned - that is a personal decision.  The event 
is not cancelled, just folks decide on not going.  This is mainly due to 
things like clouds, rain or forest restrictions.  Usually, but not always, 
there are some posts but they are last minute.

Finally, here are the directions to 5MM -

Five Mile Meadow, aka Buck Butte Meadow or 5MM, 7000ft or 2300m:  Take I-17 
north to the Verde Valley turnoff and go east on Hwy. 260, the General Crook 
Trail, for about 30 miles east of the town of Camp Verde.  The road ends in 
a "T" with Hwy. 87.  Turn left (generally north) and drive about 12 miles, 
through the little town of Clint's Well.  This is the gas station, 
restaurant and ranger station on your left.  After you pass through Clint's 
Well, there is a left turn lane that will allow you to turn left onto Forest 
Highway 3, aka Lake Mary Rd.  As you drive north on Lake Mary Road you will 
pass the Happy Jack RV park on the left and pass through a large area of 
trees where there has been a forest fire.

After about 12 miles on Lake Mary Road, look for mile marker 301 and slow 
down to look for a dirt road on your left.  The sign for this road says "Bar 
D Ranch".  You will know you are on the correct forestry road by two brown 
signs, a small one with number 229 and another, larger, with Bar D Ranch 
distance.  You will pass under high voltage power lines at about 1.5 miles 
and there is a cattle guard at about 3 miles.  If you make no turns off the 
well-maintained road then you will reach a cross road marked 305, on a brown 
sign.  The meadow is straight ahead, past the crossroad and just to the 
left.  The meadow is elongated in an easterly direction and, if you stay on 
the original road 229 it will take you just to the north side, where it is 
best to set up.  About 1/10 of a mile past the crossroad is an opening in 
the trees to your left that leads to an opening where you can set up.  The 
site is called "Five Mile Meadow" because it is about 5 miles from the 
pavement on the forestry road.

The turn off from FR 229 has been marked with the usual white rocks.

Important:  the one major restriction from the ranger station is "do not 
drive into the middle of the meadow"!  Stay near the tree line.
BTW for those interested the GPS coordinates are:  34:41:57    111:26:50 
elev 6835'.

Hope this helps.

AJ Crayon
Phoenix, AZ

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If I do go, it would be Fri afternoon to Sunday.  I would need to follow 
someone.  Don't have a clue where this is.  Also, do we plan to go....and 
then cancell if it is cloudy.  That is fine, just need understand the plan. 
Let me know if I can follow someone Fri afternoon.  I have a c.b.  I am at 
Loop 101 & Camelback (Westside).
Thanks for your help in this matter.
Debbie Roth

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