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> if purchased at the show. This is Bean's only western states appearance.
I don't know if he'll be signing books and maybe that's what "appearance" 
means here, but Alan Bean will also be giving the Flagstaff Festival of 
Science Keynote presentation on September 25.  This is at 7 PM at NAU's 
Prochnow Auditorium.  See http://www.scifest.org/ .

Or maybe Flagstaff isn't in a western state...?

- Brent

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Thought there might be some interested folks for this. If can free the 
I'll be there. 

Clear Skies 

Rick Tejera 
Editor SACnews, 
Public Outreach Coordinator 
Saguaro Astronomy Club 
Phoenix, Arizona 
 <http://www.saguaroastro.org/> www.saguaroastro.org 


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Press Release


Apollo 12 Moonwalker-turned-artist Alan Bean will be in Tucson August 2 to
sign his new books PAINTING APOLLO. published by Smithsonian books, and
MISSION CONTROL:THIS IS APOLLO, a middle-school level book illustrated by
Bean. The signing will take place at the El Conquistador Resort in Oro

These events follow the Apollo 40th anniversary frenzy as celebrations,
books, and the popular media look back at the first moon landing by Apollo
11 on July 20, 1969.

So amazing were the six moonlandings that those who were not born yet have 
hard time believing ihey weren't an elaborate hoax, but it was verifiably
real. Twelve men walked on the moon. #4  was Navy Capt. Alan Bean, who
always had a fascination with art, particularly impressionism and Claude
Monet. His paintings reflect this inspiration, rendering the gray Moon as
little dabs of color.

He took a "giant leap" of his own in 1981, quit NASA's shuttle program, 
became a professional artist, to chronicle Apollo, the greatest
technological achievement of mankind thus far-from the perspective of an
artist. His one-man show at the National Air and Space Museum and his new
books are a retrospective of his art.

Although his autograph can fetch over $100, he will sign the books for 
if purchased at the show. This is Bean's only western states appearance.

Produced by Novaspace.com

Contact: Sally Poor   staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx , 520-888-2424


ALAN BEAN: <http://www.alanbeangallery.com <
><http://www.alanbean.com <http://www.alanbean.com/> >
THE SIGNING: <http://www.novaspace.com/AUTO/SIGNINGS/BEAN/Bean2009.html>
MOON HOAX: <http://www.novaspace.com/Moonhoax.html><

NOVASPACE: <http://www.novaspace.com <http://www.novaspace.com/> >


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