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I saw it from my home at Arcadia N of Indian School Road. Very bright, long
lasting, green color, broke into what appeared to be 2 fragments toward the
end. I would say started at 45 degrees above the horizon, and fell to under
15 degrees above the horizon; almost due South.


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Subject: [EVAC] Bright Meteor (Fireball?) at 7:05 pm Tonight!....

> My wife and I saw the same meteor tonight at 7:05 pm heading south on
> the 101 (Price Freeway) just south of the University on-ramp. It lasted
> long enough for me to direct my wife's attention from the kids in the
> backseat to the front window.
> One of the brightest I've seen (and the brightest my wife has ever seen
> according to her). The green color was quite pronounced (especially at
> the end); I was hoping for a true fireball explosion it was so bright.
> My wife was quite impressed.
> The track from my location appeared to be almost due south along the
> 101; and ended at approx. 30 degrees or so above the horizon.
> Any other reports?
> Greg Askins
> Chandler, AZ
> P.S. What a fun thing to see!...

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