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  • Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 19:29:18 -0700

To all, this is a draft of the final table for the just completed AAMM. Please 
DO NOT use it for reference until after it has been verified. Once verified 
I'll post again for your information and reference.

To SAC, EVAC and TAAA treasurers. Please verify members of your club are paid 
up, in good standing and the cost for their plates will be re-imbursed to SAC.

For out of states I'm going to have to try the contacting. Unfortunately, for 
one or two, the addresses and almost unreadable.

To all, please review this list for errors. Some of the writing was difficult 
to read and I made a guess. Other cases may be a simple transposition.

I'd like for this review to be completed in 3 days, call it Wednesday evening.

From the treasurers I'd like to know if everything is OK or not. This way I 
know you will have reviewed the list. Going by default of not hearing from you 
could indicate the message wasn't read.

2007 All Arizona Messier Marathon Results

num name scope organ. notes
110 Frank Pino CPC1100 EVAC
109 Bruce Anderson LX200 EVAC M30
109 Peter Argenziano 25" DOB EVAC M30
109 James Delia Brix 16" DOB (1) M30
109 Chris Brownewell 120ED Ref (2) M30
109 Michael Evans C8 (3) M30
109 Jack Jones 20"f5 DOB SAC M30
109 Kevin Jones 8" SCT TAAA M30
109 Scott Leach LX200 GPS (4) M30
109 Paul Lind 14.5" f5 DOB SAC M30
109 Butch Miller LX90 EVAC M74, yes he found M30!
109 John Moschinger 8" n/a M30
109 Richard Payne 6" f3.3 Tak SAC M30
109 Marty Pieczonka 140mm Ref EVAC M30
109 Jimmy Ray CGC1100 SAC M30
109 George Robinson 10" f4.7 DOB (5) M30, all by memory!
109 Rick Rotramel 12.5" f4.9 NewSAC M30
109 Al Stiewing unk SAC M30
109 Julie & Jeff TroganLX200 EVAC M30
109 Alonzo Villarreal LX200 EVAC M30
108 Salvador Aguirre 8" SCT (6) M74, M30
108 Bob Christ 9.25" SCT SAC M74, M30
108 Gary Gardner 24" DOB TAAA M74, M30
108 Bernt Jacobs 7" DOB EVAC M74, M30
108 Dan Gruber 18" f4.5 DOB SAC M74, M30
108 Jim Jackson 16x70 binos (7) M74, M30, SQM = 21.59 @ 5:00AM
108 Raul Madero 8" SCT (6) M74, M30
108 Ken Shaver 16" f4.5 DOB TAAA M74, M30
108 Ken Sikes 10" SCT EVAC M74, M30
108 Wayne Thomas 11" SCT SAC/EVAC M74, M30
108 Shane Tillotson CPC800 EVAC M74, M30
108 Dave Trogan LX200 GPS EVAC M74, M30
108 Christopher Velpler12" DOB n/a M74, M30
107 Melvin L Harrison 10" DOB EVAC M74, M76, M30
106 Larry Arbeiter unknown (8) M2, M72, M73, M30
106 Ed Beggy CPC1100 (9) M74, M108, M9, M30
106 Claude Haynes 10" DOB EVAC M27, M72, M73, M30
105 John Evelan 20" f4 DOB EVAC M33, M103, M72, M73, M30
104 Bill Lofquist 12.5" DOB TAAA M77, M74, M2, M72, M73, M30
104 Scott Kroeppler Ori ST80 (10) M74, M75, M2, M72, M73, M30
102 Darrell Edwards 8" SCT EVAC M74, M33, M32, M110, M76, M79, M72, M30
102 Thomas Watson 8" Eq SVP TAAA M74, M55, M75, M15, M2, M72, M73, M30
100 Joan McGue 8" f6 DOB SAC M77, M74, M32, M55, M75, M15, M2, M72, M73, M30
99 John Matthews LX200 EVAC
90 Tim Jones NexStar 9.25 SAC
87 Rick Avery 10" f5.6 DOB SAC
87 Christy Edwards 8" SCT EVAC
87 Cindy Wood 8" SCT EVAC
86 Sheryl Gambardella 8" f6 DOB (11)
68 Linda Henneberg 10" Goto SCT (12)
68 Bryce McFarland 10" Goto SCT (12)
68 Kevin LeGup 10" DOB n/a
66 Daniel Butters 10" DOB EVAC Grandson of Melvin Harrison
62 James Larson unknown (13)
62 Ques Zelaya unknown (13)
57 Clayton Sikes 8" f7 DOB n/a Dad
57 Ryan Sikes 8" f7 DOB n/a Son
57 Jacob Sikes 8" f7 DOB n/a Son
47 Trent Gutterdum unknown n/a
23 Beverly McCune 9x63 binox TAAA
1 Julie Brozio baby green eyes!

Notes -

1 - Rio Rico, AZ
2 - Calumet Astronomical Society, Griffith, IN
3 - Coconino Astronomical Society
4 - Colorado Springs Astronomical Society
5 - Auburn, CA; Astronomical League - Member at Large
6 - Sociedad Astronomica de Sonora Carl Sagan, MEXICO
7 - Eugene Astronomical Society; Eugene, OR
8 - Flossmer, Il (or something like that)
9 - Tucson, AZ
10 - Astronomical League - Member at Large
11 - Tucumcari, NM
12 - NAU Astronomy Club
13 - McLean, VA, nothing else known
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