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  • Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 12:42:32 -0700 (MST)

I just wanted to let you all know that construction of my observatory in
NM is progressing. I have many times in the past said something that I was
sure about, but then it never happened. This time it did happen. I
obtained my building permit and am proceeding. I won't bother you again
about this because, again, my only purpose is to show that it is
proceeding and not something that disappears into never never land.

It may seem bizarre to some that I am building another observatory at my
ancient age since I already have a nice one in Dewey, Arizona. Part of the
reason for doing this is because I always wanted an observatory in a
really good observing site and so I am fulfilling a dream. Dewey is
becoming very light polluted. The NM site is almost at 8000 ft ele, above
a lot of atmosphere; Dewey is at 5140 ft ele. The NM site is at one of the
best dark skies available, a 1 on the Bortle Scale.

The other reason I am doing this is that I really like it at my NM lot. It
does not have the traffic and hustle and bustle of Arizona. Arizona is
getting very crowded and developed from one perspective although for
someone from NY city it would be considered very open. I like coming here
to get away from Arizona, although I do not think I could live here full
time. I was going to put up a small home, but then I thought killing two
birds with one stone would be best. With an observatory I can have a place
to stay when I am here, although it would still be roughing it to a
degree, and I can also have my observatory. It will be 16'x16' and two
stories high like my Dewey observatory

Floor has been poured with concrete

The retaining walls have been removed

This shows the footing extension for the block pier. The footing extends
14" on each side of the extension

This shows the footprint after being backfilled. The concrete rebar has
not been put in place yet

This shows the 1.5" gap around the footing extension


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