[AZ-Observing] Comet Panstarrs in 20X80 binoculars

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Howdy all:

Here is my observation of Comet Panstarrs from Tom Clark's place about 
30 miles from Deming, NM.  I rated the transparency at 5/10, we had some 
dust storms this afternoon.  The Moon is getting thick, so this may the 
last time I get to view it until the end of the month or June at 
Fredericksen's Meadow.

20 May 2013 New Mexico  20X80 binoculars
Just me at 2 AM again.  The comet is pretty bright, large and elongated 
3X1 with a
pretty bright nucleus.  There is a faint anti-solar ray that is at an 
angle of about
135 degrees with the nucleus.  Overall, it looks like a capitol letter 
"L".  The
anti-tail is easier and more prominent with averted vision.

See ya;
Steve Coe
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