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Jimmy (and others...)   Here is a post I put on EVACONLINE tonight. I cannot
include the image (not allowed), but it is in the article.
The table (below) seems valid).

There was a good write up today on trying to see comet PanSTARRS over the
next many days.
The full article is here:

There is also a nice pictorial of where you should be able to see it….
About 40 min past sunset (or about 7:00 PM).
I double checked the placement with the data I have in TheSkyX and it
Interestingly, the moon will be a good “guide”… (starting on March 12).
Tonight at 7:00  262 degrees az                  6 degrees elevation
Downward movement with tail rising upward
03-11                     264                                         7
03-12                     267                                         8
03-13                     269                                         9
03-14                     272                                         10
03-15 (Fri)            274                                         11
03-16 (Sat)          277                                         11

This comet is going to appear at dusk(ish) very low in the west, and then
continue its downward journey (with our horizon)…
I think I read that today or tomorrow is the closest to the sun, and
brightest (expected) and it should dim some with each passing day.

Happy comet hunting to those that are going to try.

David M. Douglass
dmdouglass@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (secondary)
david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (main)
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Great report Brent (your cluster is still evil ;-)). Your visual observation
is excellent (what did I expect from a professional astronomer? :-) ) and a
near identical verbal description of what Sam Rua's image appears to show as
well. No joy from Glendale this evening but from what is being reported, and
shown it looks like I need to find a spot with a less obscured western
horizon.  I have a flat open, mile long field about a mile north of me to
try from tomorrow night. This could be a fun little comet.

Thank you,

Jimmy Ray

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