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As far as I know, the CodeRedII virus does not include the sircam virus (a
virus propagated via e-mail), or the W32/MsInit.worm.b virus.  The CodeRedII
propagates via a security hole in IIS (Internet Information Server), the web
server software used by both NT 4.0 as well as Cisco Model 675 DSL Modems.

It works by sending an HTTP request packet which has more characters in it
than what is allowed.  The security hole occurs when the IIS Server accepts
the request packet and then overflows the additional characters into
executable memory space, which then gets executed.  The web server was
patched such that security hole was nonexistent, (the IIS server throws away
the illegal length packet) but the Cisco router was not.

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> Bill Peters wrote:
> > My computer also was infected by a version of the Code Red virus named
> > SirCam.  My computer also had the W32/MsInit.worm.b virus.  The SirCam
> > my bootdisk eliminating my desktop and making it unable to start up in
> >
> > Now, my system has been cleared.
> >
> > Bill Peters
> > 813-4242
> >
> > "bobe at ngcic.org" wrote:
> >
> > > Gary,
> > >
> > > Steve has been the victim of the CodeRedII Virus (it brought down the

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