[AZ-Observing] Clouds timing with Full Moon

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Howdy all;

I noticed that some clouds were moving in at the same time as the Moon
gets toward Full Phase. That is certainly nice timing and I do hope
that means we will have some clear skies as the moon gets out of the sky
in two weeks or so. I am planning for Antennas, I know it will be hot
during the day, but it is too chilly for me up in the pine trees.

On another subject, I just today signed the contract to write a 2nd
edition of my first book--Deep Sky Observing. I know that someone years
ago handed me an errata sheet from the first edition and if they can
find it, I would love a copy. Also, I may need some new images to
include in this version. Many of the older film shots were printed too
dark and did not look good. I will get a list together and have it
available at the SAC meeting. The contract I signed has a due date of
June 1, so it will be asking for images that already exist.

See ya;
Steve Coe
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