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  • From: Russell Chmela~ <rchmela@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 15:23:54 -0700

Surprisingly, we (my miniature astronomer daughter, Mary, went with) were the 
only ones from out of state despite an add for this party in Sky and 
Telescope.  I think every Astronomy Club in California (there are a lot!) was 
represented though. The few I noted were The Sidewalk Astronomers, San Jose 
Astronomical Association, The Astronomical Unit, The Astronomy Connection 
(some kind of clearinghouse for California Astronomy Clubs 
http://observers.org/ ), Kern Astronomy Society, China Lake Astronomers and 
Vandenburg Amateur Astronomy Society.
Many of the astronomers there know many of the astronomers here!  That was 
such a great reassuring feeling to me--how there are people united by a love 
of the sky!  And even then some of them knew some of us from some other places 
like the Texas Star Party!   Small world, smaller universe!
 The Astronomy Connection is a "virtual club" just online astro discussion
and observing plans , results, and events- no dues, meetings or any such
administrivia. I was a member of this group for the 3 years of my sentence
in the Silicon Valley. A very accomodating and friendly group. I may have
to try that next year, as Calstar is a new event, this was just its second 
year. The Bay area clubs tend to prefer the Mt. Lassen state park for thier
truly dark skies. Thats a more rugged star event(s), high altitude, cold temps
even in summer, Bears that can open coolers, and less certain weather than
the Pacific coast. Lassen is a week long event and is done twice each summer.
The Park is a volcanic wonderland, and if you ever have the need to feel
an earthquake, thats the place to try.
 Russ C

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