[AZ-Observing] Re: Boy, am I sorry I started this thread, Marathon

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  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 10:07:35 -0700

Got caught by overquoting. Isn't it the Veil and Double Cluster listed
separately? The Siamese Twins are two objects listed as one, therefore there
are 111 on the list. Don't have Paul's book around to get his explanation.
Good thing to get ironed out before the Marathon haha.


=See Rick's first post, 2nd para for the answer to that. If you count your
objects you will find 111. 
=(Think double clusters and veils!) Anyway you are supposed to be working on
my second request, 
=are you not? (EVACaThon 200!)


> Tom,
> The Double Cluster & the Siamese Twins are listed separately, 
> but are =
> counted as one object, thus the 112. I agree, that the two 
> planetaries =
> will make a complete score pretty much impossible. Could make 
> for a fin =
> night, though, dontcha think?
> Rick
> It looks like the presence of both NGC 6818 and NGC 7293 on 
> that list is =
> going prevent anybody from getting all 110 Best of the NGC 
> objects in a =
> single night.  Still, I think Rick has found a date where all but a =
> couple of them would be visible.
> Jack, I downloaded the list of 110 objects from the SAC site. 
>  What are =
> the other two that bring the list up to 112 objects?
> Tom
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