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  • Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 23:11:28 EST

Just to add something of a somewhat serious nature to this rather whimsical 
thread, I sat down at the computer opened the SAC 110 Best NGC object target 
list in Skymap and played around a bit. Printed the objects sorted by RA and 
looked for likley gaps where a "SAC 110 marathon could be accomplished. Tested 
the results and came up with the optimal date of Jan 25-26. All 112 objects 
do remeber the double cluster & Siamese twins are counted as one pobject in 
the list, don't you?) are visible at some point during the night, if you count 
from sunset to sunrise. The objects that would be tough are:
NGC 7009 in the evening, just 10 Deg above the horizon at sunset.
NGC 7293 in the evening, just 19 Deg above the horizon at sunset
NGC 6818 in the Morning, just 11 Deg above the horizon at sunrise  

Given that all three are Planetary nebulae, it would be interesting to see if 
anyone really could see them that close to the horizonin bright twilight. 
Still 109 out 112 ain't bad. It's a full moon next year but 2006 moonrise is 
0500ish. OK it's a Wedensday, but you've got plenty of time to put in for the 
off :)

Any Takers?

Rick Tejera
Editor SACnews
Saguaro Astronomy Club
Phoenix, Arizona
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stevecoe@xxxxxxxxx writes:
Ya' Know;

When I was racing my car on the street in California many years ago, there
were always people who just had to keep going beyond the absurd.  Obviously,
a few of those folks have made their way over to this hobby, also.  Once
someone managed to get a V8 in a Volkswagen, someone else had to get a BIG
V8 in a Volkswagen, followed by someone else who had to get a supercharged
V8 in a Morris Minor!!!

You will never fit that big telescope in that little car......

You can't see ALL the Messier objects in one night......

1000 objects in ONE night, never!!!!!

All the NGC objects in TWO nights, never!!!!

Just stand back and watch;
Steve Coe

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