[AZ-Observing] Back in Wickenburg and a ranger report

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So, I woke up this moring early, you know, 10:20.

I saw that I was the only person at the "observing" site at 
Fredericksen's Meadow.

It was still raining...I decided to get out before Noah's Ark passed me 
on the road out.

I got ready to get on the road, hooked up the tow car and got going.  
The good news is that the road was still in pretty good shape.

Managing to not get hit by the crowd of people on the freeway going 
south I arrived in Wickenburg.  It was a rather comfortable 94 degrees 
and NOT raining.

I had 245 emails, fortunately most of them did not need to be answered.

We had exactly one night of observing and the dew stopped that about 11 
PM.  There is still lots of standing water on the site.  I find myself 
looking forward to the All Arizona Star Party, maybe we can get some 
nice skies for that.

A ranger named Dave stopped by, he knew that we were astronomers and 
had no problem with exactly what we have been doing for the past 11 
years.  Keep within 300 feet of the road, drive out carefully and unload 
the scope then return to a parking location under the trees.  He 
mentioned that he had written 5 tickets for people leaving campfires 
unattended.  So, we are the tops!!

See ya at the SAC meeting;
Steve Coe
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