[AZ-Observing] Re: Astronomy tonight

  • From: Joe Bergeron <joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: az-observing@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 19:25:24 -0400

On Sep 1, 2013, at 7:18 PM, Bill VanOrden wrote:

> Lucia,
> AZ Observing is not a club.  It is a large number of people, each of which 
> receive every single email sent to the list server.  A lot of us are not 
> clubby kind of people but would still like to be kept up to date with local 
> activities.

This whole sequence of events seems to overturn the concept of causality. 
Someone desires to leave the list because of our unkind words. Sends a cloud of 
useless e-mails. Receives unkind words. Points to them as the reason she wants 
out. It's eerie!

Joe Bergeron

Fellow, International Association of Astronomical Artists


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