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Subject: Asteroid Movie
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 13:33:23 -0700

Space Weather News for March 19, 2004

ASTEROID MOVIE:  When asteroid 2004 FH flew past Earth yesterday, just
43,000 km from our planet's surface, it was bright enough to see through
backyard telescopes.  Visit Spaceweather.com to watch a movie of the space
rock racing among the stars only a few hours after closest approach.

AURORA SEASON: Northern spring begins this year on March 20th at 0649 GMT.
That means aurora season is beginning, too. Geomagnetic storms tend to be
most intense in early spring and fall, so the weeks ahead might be good
ones for aurora watchers. Already this month faint auroras have appeared
as far south in the United States as Minnesota, Wisconsin and Washington.

A GATHERING OF PLANETS: Mercury. Venus. Mars. Saturn. Jupiter. You can see
them all at a glance next week when the five brightest planets gather for
a rare after-dark display. Get the full story at Spaceweather.com.

Jeff Hopkins

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