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There are at least four items related to Arizona observing in the February
issue of Sky & Telescope, two of them to Sunglow Ranch.

In his review of the NexStar 11 GPS on page 49, Dennis di Cicco refers to
an astrophotography junket to southeastern Arizona with two friends.  The
two are Canadian Peter Ceravolo and Bostonian Mitch Sayare, who owns
Sunglow Ranch.  Mitch flies to the ranch in his twin-engine turboprop (a
Twin Commander) that is referred to later in the article.

On page 72, David Levy recounts an observing session with Gene Lucas and
Gerry Rattley as well as a talk he gave to the Phoenix Astronomical Society.

The excellent picture of the very old crescent moon seen on page 132 was
taken at Sunglow Ranch by Matt BenDaniel, who makes frequent trips from
Boston.  And I dare to complain about a three-hour drive!  A better
reproduction at larger scale appears on Matt's page at

Finally, on the same page S&T has published a fine image of NGC 253 by Rich

Nice to be back home from holidays in Michigan.  My best summary shot of
the weather is at http://www.psiaz.com/polakis/deice.jpg.  Something you
don't have to worry about at Sky Harbor.



Tom Polakis
Tempe, AZ
Arizona Sky Pages
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