[AZ-Observing] Re: Antennas weather report

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According to my digging - Thursday will be okay to good and early Friday should 
also suit.  However, Midnight+ Friday/Saturday the game changes for the worse.


On Jan 18, 2012, at 1:34 PM, AJ Crayon wrote:

> There are a few of us still here in Phoenix mulling over what to do.  The 
> forecast for the nights I'll be there, Thursday and Friday, suggest clouds. 
> Yuk.  I'm in the definite watching weather mode to decide which side of the 
> fence, upon which I stand, to jump.  Naturally, hopefully, it will clear up 
> enough to make it worthwhile to make the trip.
> AJ Crayon
> Phoenix, AZ
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> Howdy all;
> I called it a night at about 1:30 last night, there was dew on my
> binoculars and it finally was thick enough that I gave in.  But I did get
> some object done on my binoculars observing list.  I have 8X42, 10X50 and
> 12X80 binoculars and am having lots of fun.  There is still plenty to do
> for the next several nights.
> I rated last night at 7 out of 10 for transparency, a good night.  There
> was a little haze around the horizon, but once you were viewing 15 or 20
> degrees up it was pretty nice.  Lots of winter Milky Way.
> Paul Lind and Ken Naiff were having a fun time imaging.
> Clear skies to us all;
> Steve Coe

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