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Benson, AZ 85602
hm ph: 520-586-2244 It sounds like you and the missus caught a lot of "rays" 
while you were up there, Jimmy! We drove by the golf course on the way back 
from our adventure at the Wahweap Outlook and saw everybody wrapping up their 
equipment. The town was perfectly situated for this event!
Clear skies, 
Wayne (aka Mr. Galaxy)
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Mrs. Ray and I were in Page and even though my vacation was curtailed we had
a grand time. We set up just off the golf course at the top of the cliff
along with a dozen other astronomers. As it got close to "show time" lots of
folks started coming out of the neighborhood and a festive eclipse party
broke out! Lots of oh's and ah's looking in all the scopes (I had 3 myself,
two white light, one Ha, the camera lens was white light filtered and
eclipse shades a plenty). Everyone was in awe at the sight, how cool it
suddenly got, the dimness and had fun playing with their "ghosted" shadows,
interlacing their fingers to make ringlets on the ground and such. After the
sun went down, off came the filters and Mrs. Ray and I hosted a star party
for all the folks who hung around. We broke down just after 9 Pm and headed
for the local Sonic drive in to feast on chili cheese fries and chocolate
shakes. It doesn't get much better :-)

The next day Mrs. Ray and I took our time coming home and played tourist,
doing the Glenn Canyon Dam tour, hiking the horseshoe bend on the Colorado
river, taking a side trip to marble canyon and the Navajo bridge, follow by
a stop at the Camron trading post and finally dinner at La Fonda in Flag
before heading home. Very memorable.

Can't wait to do the total eclipse in 2017

Thank you,

Jimmy Ray

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Hi Stan,

Don't feel bad.  I had big plans for this eclipse.  A bunch of us were
planning to be under the optimal path of totality (if annular), but plans
fell apart (one reason being I'm relocating in metro Phoenix) at the end of
the month.  I am up to my eyeballs in boxes and needed the weekend.

But, I managed to get out to a nearby park (in North Phoenix) with a decent
western horizon.  On a whim, I took along an 80mm f11 Vixen achromat with a
Baader filter and my Canon 30D.  I managed to get a decent series of the
event as seen from North Phoenix in simple white light.   As the Sun neared
the horizon, smoke from the Gladiator fire began to intrude somewhat.

I have some processing to do, but have uploaded raw, reduced images at the
link below.  Unfortunately, the images were posted backwards, i.e. sunset
first - then backwards through time.


I plan to put together a correctly oriented, sized and exposure-compensated
time-lapse.  Polakis, I ain't, but it'll be fun.

Darrell Spencer

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