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Hi Stan,

Don't feel bad.  I had big plans for this eclipse.  A bunch of us were planning 
to be under the optimal path of totality (if annular), but plans fell apart 
(one reason being I'm relocating in metro Phoenix) at the end of the month.  I 
am up to my eyeballs in boxes and needed the weekend.

But, I managed to get out to a nearby park (in North Phoenix) with a decent 
western horizon.  On a whim, I took along an 80mm f11 Vixen achromat with a 
Baader filter and my Canon 30D.  I managed to get a decent series of the event 
as seen from North Phoenix in simple white light.   As the Sun neared the 
horizon, smoke from the Gladiator fire began to intrude somewhat.

I have some processing to do, but have uploaded raw, reduced images at the link 
below.  Unfortunately, the images were posted backwards, i.e. sunset first - 
then backwards through time.


I plan to put together a correctly oriented, sized and exposure-compensated 
time-lapse.  Polakis, I ain't, but it'll be fun.

Darrell Spencer

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I drove 90 miles north, by road miles, to a location 10 miles north of
I-40 just off hwy 64 on the way to the Grand Canyon. It was a waste of
gas money and time. My calculations were off. I thought I would be able
to see the moon just barely be entirely within the Sun, but it wasn't. I
should have stayed in Dewey. However, there were some positives. This is
the first time I have had my 5" Explore Scientific refractor on a trip
and everything went good. Also, the sky in Dewey was very white because
of the Gladiator fire and it was very windy in Dewey. At the 10 mile
north location the sky had improved considerably and actually looked
blue. Also, it was not windy. At 6:18pm a jet flew across the Sun. That
was interesting. I observed with the Lunt wedge and observed a number of
areas with faculae that did not appear to be associated with sunspots.
The entire sun fit in my field of view with the 16mm eyepiece (60
magnification), but near maximum I switched to my 26.6mm eyepiece (36
magnification). This was an improvement. I was able to see the edge of
the moon better.

That's about all.
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