[AZ-Observing] Annular Eclipse

  • From: Stan Gorodenski <stanlep@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: AZ-Observing <az-observing@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 22:17:03 -0700

I drove 90 miles north, by road miles, to a location 10 miles north of 
I-40 just off hwy 64 on the way to the Grand Canyon. It was a waste of 
gas money and time. My calculations were off. I thought I would be able 
to see the moon just barely be entirely within the Sun, but it wasn't. I 
should have stayed in Dewey. However, there were some positives. This is 
the first time I have had my 5" Explore Scientific refractor on a trip 
and everything went good. Also, the sky in Dewey was very white because 
of the Gladiator fire and it was very windy in Dewey. At the 10 mile 
north location the sky had improved considerably and actually looked 
blue. Also, it was not windy. At 6:18pm a jet flew across the Sun. That 
was interesting. I observed with the Lunt wedge and observed a number of 
areas with faculae that did not appear to be associated with sunspots. 
The entire sun fit in my field of view with the 16mm eyepiece (60 
magnification), but near maximum I switched to my 26.6mm eyepiece (36 
magnification). This was an improvement. I was able to see the edge of 
the moon better.

That's about all.
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