[AZ-Observing] Re: Amazing book bargain

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  • Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 21:40:04 -0700 (MST)

> I just picked up a copy of "Cosmos-A Field Guide" in the Bargain Book
> section at Borders Books in the Mesa Superstition Mall for $20.  This is a
> 14" x 17" large format splashy book like many before, but it is of amazing
> quality and interest.  The stars are commonly pinpoints rather than blobs
> and nearly all the images are of better quality than I have seen printed
> before. Extraordinary quality, really. The 5-frames showing growth of the
> Monoceros light echo are worth the price alone.  So is the high resolution
> image of Io in front of Jupiter.  So is...ah well, you get the point.
> There is also tons of useful information.
> I quit buying splashy astro image books long ago because I thought the
> images looked better on my computer screen.  This book is better, IMHO.
> No, I have no financial or other interest in the book or in Borders. It's
> just that the Arizona Monsoon is a-cummin'in soon

Hmmm. I thought we were already in it (-:  I have been hearing thunder off
in the mountains just like during the monsoon. It is clear in the morning
but then clouds start forming around the mountains around noon and it
eventually rains. Just like the monsoon (-:

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