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Here's a map to go along with the directions Joe Orman sent out. . 

Rick Scott

Orman Joe-P27491 wrote:
> Here are some directions that were handed out at the EVAC meeting, although I 
> think the road may have been paved farther since this was written.  I don't 
> see a map on the EVAC site:
> http://www.eastvalleyastronomy.org/
> --Joe Orman
> *********************************
> All-Arizona Star Party 2001
> October 12th and 13th, 2001
> How to get there
> The site is somewhat remote, but still relatively easy to find.  Take I-10 
> south from Phoenix to Exit 200, Sunland Gin Road. Turn right, (south) after 
> exiting the freeway.  After about 15 miles the pavement ends and about two 
> miles further, the road turns sharply to the west. After another four miles, 
> the road will turn south just after the "Silverbell Estates" signs. Three 
> miles past the signs, the road will veer off to the west.  Continue on the 
> main road for another five miles, where it passes through an open gate. Take 
> an immediate left after the gate and continue for 0.7 miles.  Take the next 
> right onto a road that leads into an abandoned field.  We will post signs 
> along the road so follow the EVAC signs.
> Need more info?
> If you have questions about this year's All-Arizona Star party, please 
> contact:
> Diana Jane'
> 480-833-2002
> pbj2013@xxxxxxxxx
> OR
> Don Wrigley
> 480-982-2428

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