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  • Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 13:35:35 -0700

Don't forget to mark your calendars for October 24th and 25th, for the All 
Arizona Star Party!  This year promises to be one of the best ever!  This 
event is open to any amateur astronomer!  So far, the guest planning to 
attend who is traveling the farthest is coming from Georgia (USA, not the 
one by Russia!).
In addition to great observing from a fairly dark-sky site, a hospitality 
tent is available for camaraderie, for finger-food snacks, and a heater for 
hot water for coffee or hot chocolate (there will be a donations-box to help 
defray costs).  A couple representatives from Meade will be in attendance, 
and they are bringing a 12" LX200 ACF, a 16" LightBridge and a 90mm 
Solarmax, plus a complete set of Series 5000 eyepieces.  There will also be 
sun-related posters, CD's, 3D cards, 3D lithos and glasses of the Sun). 
Porta-potties will be on site.

Have no telescope?  This is a great venue for MITAPTYS (may I take a peek 
through your scope?).  There are usually over 100 telescopes at this event, 
and I'd estimate that 75% of them would be happy to provide you with views 
through their scope.  I know the Meade guys will be happy to show views 
through their scopes - I'm looking forward to looking through the Solarmax 
scope (a $6,000 hydrogen alpha scope!  I'd like to see how much difference 
there is from the $600 Coronado H-alpha scope).  There will be some scopes 
there that will be used for imaging - you should likely keep your distance 
from them, as even a red flashlight aimed in the wrong direction could ruin 
a time exposure.  The imagers usually set up away from other people for this 
reason, so if you stick to the main field you should be fine.

Don't forget to pack everything you will need - water, food, 
red-flashlights, any astronomical gear, camping equipment and a knowledge of 
etiquette ( http://www.eastvalleyastronomy.org/etiquette.html ).  Most 
information needed about this event is at our website at
http://www.eastvalleyastronomy.org/aasp.htm , including a printable map.

There will be a few signs placed alongside the road on the way there to help 
guide you, but if you haven't been there before, I recommend having the map 
as your primary guide.  The drive-time there is about 1.75 hours from where 
I live (south Scottsdale/north Tempe area).

Any other questions, please ask!

Randy Peterson
Events Coordinator
East Valley Astronomy Club

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