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  • Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 00:25:04 -0700

Well you didn't miss much here, just the usual typical dark-sky party at 
Antennas Sat. the 15th, with me and AJ Crayon and Darrell Spencer and son 
Noah, and Joe G. w/RV, and C. Whiting, and D. Bogan, et al, and it was 
typical clear dry steady skies all night and we looked at typical 15th mag 
double-quasars 9 billion ly away, and various typical galaxy structure and 
various stunning typical showpiece objects, so, you know, same ol' same ol'.


stevecoe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello all;
> We are at Bryce Canyon, drove north on a rainy day and made it with no
> trouble.  Because the weather has been mediocre at best, we did no
> observing at Zion.  I could not get a signal to get on the Internet while
> at Zion, so this is the catch up message.
> Again because of weather we just moved on north out of Flagstaff, spent a
> couple of days near Kanab, Ut.  We drove to the North Rim and spent some
> time at those spectacular overlooks.  After a great time in Zion, we drove
> on north today.
> Tom and Jeannie Clark and I are in the Bryce Canyon Park camp ground.  The
> facilities are not much, just a place to put the RV.  But, it is a LOT
> cheaper than anything outside the park.  If this latest weather front will
> clear out we are going to try and get some observing done before the Moon
> is too thick.
> Then it will be on to Capitol Reef Park and evertually to Colorado for the
> June Star Party near Grand Junction.
> Clear skies to us all;
> Steve Coe

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