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  • Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 17:52:53 GMT

15480 Empire Rd.
Benson, AZ 85602
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Yeah, sounds like the observing I did last night from my back yard...

Earlier that evening, while having a HAC-sponsored Sidewalk Astronomy event in 
the local Ace Hardward parking lot in Sierra Vista, we also had a nice sighting 
of the ISS as it passed overhead. Passers-by enjoyed it when they realized what 
was happening and were impressed with the views we showed them of Saturn, Mars, 
Venus, and especially the fat crescent moon. The weather was perfect for our 
in-town event. 

Clear skies, 
Wayne (aka Mr. Galaxy)
President, Huachuca Astronomy Club

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Well you didn't miss much here, just the usual typical dark-sky party at 
Antennas Sat. the 15th, with me and AJ Crayon and Darrell Spencer and son 
Noah, and Joe G. w/RV, and C. Whiting, and D. Bogan, et al, and it was 
typical clear dry steady skies all night and we looked at typical 15th mag 
double-quasars 9 billion ly away, and various typical galaxy structure and 
various stunning typical showpiece objects, so, you know, same ol' same ol'.


stevecoe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello all;
> We are at Bryce Canyon, drove north on a rainy day and made it with no
> trouble.  Because the weather has been mediocre at best, we did no
> observing at Zion.  I could not get a signal to get on the Internet while
> at Zion, so this is the catch up message.
> Again because of weather we just moved on north out of Flagstaff, spent a
> couple of days near Kanab, Ut.  We drove to the North Rim and spent some
> time at those spectacular overlooks.  After a great time in Zion, we drove
> on north today.
> Tom and Jeannie Clark and I are in the Bryce Canyon Park camp ground.  The
> facilities are not much, just a place to put the RV.  But, it is a LOT
> cheaper than anything outside the park.  If this latest weather front will
> clear out we are going to try and get some observing done before the Moon
> is too thick.
> Then it will be on to Capitol Reef Park and evertually to Colorado for the
> June Star Party near Grand Junction.
> Clear skies to us all;
> Steve Coe

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