[AZ-Observing] Re: A mystery 'flare' in Cygnus

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Hi Doug,

I happened to catch that same flare last night from north Glendale (75th and
Unionhills). From here it was a rather dim short flare (about 2 seconds or
so), centered N-S but east of  the main part of Cygnus. Where were you
observing from?

Jimmy Ray

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Thanks David, but I had the 2150 flare at mag. -5; I don't know why that 
info did not show up for me when I first checked the site with my location. 
Anyway, I know it was at 2150 because my watch is always set by WWV. 
Anyway, you're right, it was an Iridium Flare.  I was off center by a few 

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>From the Heavens Above site...  for Iridium flares...
21:58:44   64 Degrees at 31 Degrees altitude   intensity  -7

David M. Douglass
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