[AZ-Observing] 2009 All Arizona Messier Marathon preliminary results

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Here are the preliminary results from this weekends Messier marathon. Please
do not publish this list as it is intended to ensure accuracy. 

Please look it over and let me know of any corrections needed, particularly
spelling of names (I'm a horrendous speller!).
I've included the SAC & AZ Observing lists. And the emails for those out of
state observers that provided an address. Please forward to anyone on the
list who you feel may not receive this listing. I plan on finalizing the
results next week after debriefing AJ, so please get you corrections in
before next Monday. Hopefully, We'll get the Awards ordered and presented by
the may meetings.

Congratulations to all who participated, you made it a success!

2009 All Arizona Messier Marathon       
Preliminary results     
#Observed       Observer        Club    City    Instrument      Missed
110     Rick Tejera     SAC     Glendale, AZ    8" f/6 Dob              
        Don Machholz    None Listed     Colfax, CA      6" Newt reflector
43rd Marathon!, By Memory       
        George J Robinson       A.L. Member at Large    Auburn, CA      10"
f/4.7 Dob       By Memory       
        David M Douglas EVAC    Tempe, AZ       8" f/10 SCT & 80mm Piggy
Backed Ref.     Also Imaged all objects 
        Frank Pino      EVAC    Queen Creek, AZ 8"  f/10 SCT            
109 1/2 Jimmy Ray       SAC     Glendale, AZ    11" SCT M74- Had Originally
claimed M74, but later decided he could not be sure he saw it. Gets the 1/2
Object for his Honesty! 
109     Joan McGue      SAC     Phoenix, AZ     8" f/6 Dob      M30     
        Dr. Salvador Agguirre   CADH    Hermosillo, Mexico      8" f/10 SCT
        Paul Lind       SAC     Phoenix, AZ     14" f/5 Dob     M74     
        David Trogan    EVAC    Mesa, AZ        8" f/10 SCT     M74     
        Bernard & Ben Miller    EVAC    Gilbert, AZ     11" SCT M74     
108     Howard Israel   EVAC    Phoenix, AZ     11" SCT M74, M110       
        Bruce Anderson  None Listed     Maricopa, AZ    12" SCT M74,M110

        Ray Heinle      EVAC    Gilbert, AZ     12" SCT M74, M110       
107     Greg Kettell    AAAA    Clifton Park, NY        11" SCT M74, M33,
M30; Furthest traveled to Observe with us       
        Melinda Ketelsen        TAAA    Tucson, AZ      5" SCT  M77, M74,
105     Melvin L. Harrison      EVAC    Coolidge, AZ    10" Dob M54, M55,
M75, M72, M30   
        Daniel S. Butters       EVAC    Mesa, AZ        10" Dob M54, M55,
M75, M72, M30   
104     Alex Attanasio & Michael Tarantino      NAU     Flagstaff, AZ
9.25" SCT       M74, M33, M110, M103, M72, M30  
        Jeremy Perez    CAS     Flagstaff, AZ   6" f/8 Dob      M74, M32,
M110, M72, M73, M30; Sketched all 104 Objects observed! 
        Jim Shedlowsky  WAS     Waterford, MI   8" SCT  M74, M110,M52,
M103,M75, M30   
103     Neil Ruien      EVAC    Scottsdale, AZ  18" Dob M74, M57, M56, M29,
M55, M72, M73, M30      
        Scott A Kroeppler       A.L. Member at Large    Scottsdale, AZ
20x80 Binoculars        M77, M74, M33, M75, M72, M73, M30       
        Lowell Samples  None Listed     Maricopa, AZ    8" SCT  M74, M33,
M110,M43, M72, M73, M30 
102     Edward P. Eastburn      Free Range Amateur      Tucson, AZ      5"
f/8 Refractor   M77, M74, M55, M75, M2, M72, M73, M30   
100     Stephen Perry   SAC     Peoria, AZ      90mm Mak        M77, M74,
M33, M31, M32, M110, M72, M73, M30      
        Rick Rotramel   SAC     Phoenix, AZ     10" f/5.8 Newt  M31, M32,
M110, M54, M55, M75, M72, M73, M30      
93      Bruce Monte Sr. EVAC    Casa Grande, AZ 8" SCT          
79      Will Golz       EVAC    Fountain Hills, AZ      9.25" SCT

79      Rosie Dodder    SAC     Maricopa, AZ    8" SCT          
        Jack Jones      SAC     Phoenix, AZ     20" f/5 Dob             
78      Clark Rogers    EVAC    Phoenix, AZ     8" dob          
72      Jon Koester     EVAC    Casa Grande, AZ 10" SCT         
71      Andrew Goodwin  SAC     Avondale, AZ    10" dob         
69      James & Delia Brix      None Listed     Rio Rico, AZ    16" Homemade
67      Steven Dodder   SAC     Maricopa, AZ    20" f/4.3 Dob           
62      Steve Dermer    WVAC    Peoria, AZ      8" SCT          
58      David Hatch     EVAC    Mesa, AZ        12.5 " Dob              
57      Alice Jung      None Listed     Gilbert, AZ     LX 200 (Aperture not
        Grizelda Celaya None Listed     Queen Creek, AZ LX 200 (Aperture not
56      Scott Tannenhill        TAAA    Tucson, AZ      18" Dob         

Club Affiliations:
SAC: Saguaro Astronomy Club
EVAC: East Valley Astronomy Club
TAAA: Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association
CDHA: Club Astronomico de Hermosillo
WVAC: West Valley Astronomy Club
WAS: Warren Astronomical Society
AAAA: Albany Area Astronomical Association
NAU: Northern Arizona University Astronomy Club


Clear Skies

Rick Tejera
Editor SACnews,
Public Outreach Coordinator
Saguaro Astronomy Club
Phoenix, Arizona
www.saguaroastro.org <http://www.saguaroastro.org/> 

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