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  • Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 09:10:13 -0700

A project that may be of interest to lunar observers. From the QCUIAG list:

"Valmir M. de Morais" <valmirmmorais@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear colleagues,

The SMART-1 spacecraft, of the European Space Agency, which is 
currently in the lunar orbit, will crash in a programmed impact 
against the Moon surface, on the dark side of the first quarter moon 
in its visible side, next to the terminator, at the south of Mare 
Humorum, in Lacus Excellentiae, on 3 Sept, 2006, at 01:26:24 UT (with 
uncertainty of seven hours for more or for less).

In Brazil, the Sec=EF''o Lunar da Rede de Astronomia Observacional - 
<http://www.reabrasil.org/lunar/>http://www.reabrasil.org/lunar/ (which 
is directed by Ms. Rosely Gregio - 
<mailto:rgregio@xxxxxxxxxx>rgregio@xxxxxxxxxx) , is developing and 
coordinating a nationwide observation project named SL/REA SMART-1 
Lunar Impact Project which is coordinated  Valmir Martins de Morais - 
<mailto:valmirmmorais@xxxxxxxxxxxx>valmirmmorais@xxxxxxxxxxxx, Member 
of the International Campaign Moon SMART-1 Project: Predictions and 
Observation Campaign Campaing - ESA Science & technology ' SMART-1, 
and of the Team of Observers of SLRBr (Lunar Section / REA-Brasil).

Please, check the data, images and updated graphics of SL/REA SMART-1 
Lunar Impact Project, in the Sec=EF''o Lunar da Rede de Astronomia 
Observacional'REA/ Brazil.

English Version: 

Portuguese Version: 

Spanish Version: 

REA Brasil Lunar Section: 

  This is not a definitive work. Some data will be submitted to 
changes due to the spacecraft orbital corrections, which will be 
performed by the ESA mission control. Soon, these necessary 
corrections will be published.

Very important: here in Brazil, all the researchers who are currently 
working and will still work at observation projects of the impact 
need EVERY possible image captured of the region of the impact. 
Please check the area in the sites above.

The images captured will be essential for analyses, study and 
calibrations of the observations that will be performed during the 
impact. Capture, please! Publish them in the forums in order that 
everyone will be able to see them and send them to me too, 
preferentially the original images with and without modifications, to 
my e-mail 
writing the data of the observer (name, institution, location, 
latitude, longitude, and altitude), data of the acquisition of the 
images (type of camera ccd or webcam, videocam, digital instruments 
or other means, time of exposition, parameters, etc.), information 
about the telescope (type, specifications, f/, filters used, etc.) 
and time in the universal hour in order so we can analyze them 
accurately, send them to Dr. Bernard H. Foing, Chief Scientist, ESA 
Research and Scientific Support Dept., General Coordinator of the 
Moon SMART Impact: Predictions and Observation Campaign - ESA Science 
& technology' SMART-1, and also publish them in our homepage with all 
their credits.

Please, send them to Valmir Martins de Morais' Coordinator of the 
SL/REA Smart-1 Lunar Impact Project 
or Rosely Gregio ' Director of the Lunar Section/REA-Brazil 

We do need everyone's cooperation.

"Astronomy is Colaboration'.

Best Regards,

Valmir Martins de Morais' 
Coordinator of the SL/REA Smart-1 Lunar Impact Project
Membro of the Moon SMART Impact: Predictions and Observation Campaign 
- ESA Science & Technology ' SMART-1

Jeff Hopkins
Counting Photons
Hopkins Phoenix Observatory
7812 West Clayton Drive
Phoenix, Arizona 85033-2439 U.S.A.
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