[az-leader] 'hooters and polluters' National Energy Bill--vote later in January in Senate.

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{Please forward this to friends and relatives,  esp. in states of SD, ND,Mn, 
Mt, Iowa, Nebraska, and Arkansas. This started as a project of Ca Sonoma Co 
Alliance for Democracy Energy Committee}

A. a letter to ten "farm bloc" Democratic Senators or reworded as letter to 
editor--best if it comes from resident of state in own words, but if you have a 
"hook" to a state, use it.  
B. addresses of 10 Senators and newspapers in SD, ND, Mn, Mt, Iowa, Neb., and 
C. recent legislative history of National Energy Bill 
                    January   2004

Senator Kent Conrad//Senator Byron Dorgan

Dear Senator _________: 


While I laud you for wanting to help the farmers of North Dakota, I'd like you 
to consider the following before you vote on the National Energy Bill:


1.  Many more benefits to farmers and ranchers would come from provisions for 
wind energy than from ethanol.   As Richard Heinberg points out in "The Party's 
Over:  Oil, War, and The Fate of Industrial Societies," ethanol has a very low 
energy profit ratio and often there is more energy "in" than "out."     


2.  Last fall, a Lesley Stahl segment on Sixty Minutes showed that the  $18 
billion in subsidies for a natural gas pipeline through Alaska is a superfluous 
waste, whereas hooking onto a Canadian pipeline wouldn't cost the taxpayers 


3. There are billions of dollars in coal and oil subsidies in the bill, which 
do nothing about a major problem with oil and coal, CO2, which leads to global 
warming, including a rising snow line and the "permanent disappearance of Rocky 
Mountain meadows."  (2002  EPA report, later squelched  by the Bush 


4.  Less than 10% of the $26 billion in energy bill tax credits are for energy 
efficiency, conservation, solar energy, and wind energy.     


5.  The proposed bill adds billions of dollars to an already humungous national 
debt without doing much at all for ordinary people and our energy future.  


Roland James    

(718 Adobe   Santa Rosa, Ca  95404   707.539-0547

Moorhead (Mn) High School   '63;  USAF '65-'68;   Concordia  (Mn)  '69;

Alexander, N.D. native where my father homesteaded 99 years ago.)

B. To send by snailmail---Senator __________, U.S. Senate,  Washington, D.C.  

There are 13 Democratic Senators that sided with Republican leadership on 
stopping the filibuster in Nov. 
1.  South Dakota
      Senate Minority Leader  Tom Daschle
          tom_daschle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx          202.224-7895  fax

       Tim Johnson      www.senate.gov  and click on South Dakota   228-5765  

      SD Newspapers
       --Sioux Falls Argus Leader    200 words   editor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   
          P.O. Box  5034,  SF, SD   57117-5034   605.331-2294 fax
        --Rapid City Journal         letters@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    
            Box 450       RC, SD   57709       394-8463 fax
         --Pierre Capitol Journal      thru   www.capjournal.com   
             Box 878          57501
         -- www.yankton.net  
         -- www.madisondailyleader.com  

2.  North Dakota
       Byron Dorgan    senator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   202.224-1193  fax
       Kent Conrad      senator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    
         letters@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Williston Herald
         tdennis@xxxxxxxxxxxx      Grand Forks Herald  (also serves northern 
         mdnews@xxxxxxxxx       Minot Daily News
         letters@xxxxxxxxxxxx        Bismarck Tribune
         letters@xxxxxxxxxxxxx    Fargo Forum   (also serves northern Minnesota)
3.  Minnesota
         Senator Mark Dayton  www.dayton.senate.gov/webform.html   
             Minneapolis Star Tribune     opinion@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (this 
paper--  Mn, Ia, ND, SD, Wi)
             St Paul Pioneer Press        letters@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   
             Mankato Free Press           editor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4.   Iowa
         Senator Tom Harkin    www.senate.gov and click on Iowa
         Des Moines Register    letters@xxxxxxxxx        Box 957  ......50304

5.   Nebraska
          Senator Ben Nelson    www.senate.gov and click on Nebraska
           Omaha World-Herald   pulse@xxxxxxx    
            Lincoln Journal Star    oped@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   

6.  Montana
             Senator  Max Baucus   www.senate.gov and click on Montana
7.  Arkansas
             Senator Blanche Lincoln and   Senator David Pryor    
             Arkansas Democrat Gazette
             letters "only from Ark residents" thru  

The last  three are Zell Miller from Ga and John Breaux and Mary Landrieu from 

C.  From the 11/22/03 SF Chronicle,  p. A1 "...The bill covered a vast range of 
energy issues, including measures to improve the reliability of the nation's 
electricity grid, $18 billion in loan guarantees to build a
 natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48 states and billions of 
dollars more in tax credits and subsidies for the oil and gas, coal and nuclear 
power industries.......The measure, crafted in mostly closed-door meetings of 
GOP leaders in conference committee, was approved easily by the house on 
Tuesday (11/18) by a 246-180 vote. .......[in the Senate]  Supporters of the 
bill failed to override the filibuster Friday (11/21) on a 57-40 vote.Thirteen 
Democrats voted with the GOP leadership to end debate, most from 
energy-producing Southern states and Midwest states that would benefit from the 
ethanol provision:  Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle and Tim Johnson of South 
Dakota;  Max Baucus of Montana; John Breaux and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana; 
Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad of North Dakota; Mark Dayton of Minnesota; Tom 
Harkin of Iowa; Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas; Zell Miller of 
Georgia; and Ben Nelson of Nebraska.  But six Republicans, most from the 
Northeast, bucked the White House and voted to sustain the filibuster:  Lincoln 
Chafee of Rhode Island; Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine,  John Sunnunu 
and Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, and John McCain of Arizona...who called it the 
'hooters and polluters' bill."

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