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Dear Audubon Advocate - 

I'd like to take a moment to let you know about an exciting workshop the
National Audubon Society is sponsoring in Arizona at the Biosphere 2 near
Oracle. We still have a few openings and want to invite you and others
think may be interested to join us.

The Planet Awakening Workshops on Faith, Health, Population and
are practical hands-on workshops for anyone interested in examining the
population issue and how it relates to our environment, our daily lives
our faith. One need not be an Audubon member to attend this workshop.

Audubon believes that human population growth is one of the most pressing
environmental challenges of our time. We hope, by opening a dialogue with
and among people of faith, that we can affect positive change on this
that will benefit birds, other wildlife, and people, too.

Audubon would like to extend an invitation to you to join us at this
important workshop. 

You'll find further information about the workshop, as well as how to
up in the email below. If you have any questions, please email me at the
address above, or call me at 800-741-9658.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to pass this information on.


Lise Rousseau
Communications Director
Audubon's Population & Habitat Program 


Planet Awakening Workshops: Outreach to Faith-based Communities on
Population & Environment 

The Planet Awakening Workshops on Faith, Health, Population and
are practical hands-on workshops for people of faith, of all faiths,
including local religious leaders, counselors, spiritual directors,
religious laypersons and other interested citizens who are experiencing a
process of awakening hope for the future and care for Earth and all its

Three intertwined workshops
Bodies, Our Earth; The Whole Shebang: How Congregations Contribute to the
Future of the Planet; Stewardship of Our Minds, Bodies, Spirits and
Emotions, specifically engage the issues of health, population and the
environment for leaders in the spiritual movement. (read below for more
detailed descriptions of the workshops.)

The workshops are lead by Margaret Mitchell, D. Min. and Bro. Gary
Patricia Waak, M.A., D. Min. & Senior Advisor the Population & Habitat
Program; and Gary Gunderson, D. Min. (read below for a short bio of our
workshop leaders.)

Audubon will be conducting a Planet Awakening workshop in the following
Biosphere 2 , Oracle, Arizona 
April 14-16, 2002 

A single fee of $125 will be charged to attend the workshop. This fee
workshop expenses, including food and lodging (if required), and reading
materials which will be sent to you before the workshop. The reading
materials are: Deeply Woven Roots, Gary Gunderson; Planet Awakening,
Patricia Waak; and Ecotherapy, Howard Clinebell. There are no additional
fees to attend the workshops.
Scholarships are available.

To sign-up, visit our website at

Or for more information or a brochure, call us at 1-800-741-9658. 

Workshop Descriptions:

Our Bodies, Our Earth

This workshop is based on Rev. Dr. Patricia Waak's book, Planet
and provides an in-depth experience in grappling with the issues of
reproductive health and family planning, the relationship to ecological
health and well-being, ecological justice for nonhuman species and social
justice for all Creation. The opportunity to understand the relationship
between humans and Earth carries deep spiritual revelation. In
the workshop explores the connections between the fertility of humans and
the fertility of Earth. 

The intent of this track is to provide a process of discussion and
The session provides creative ways to help people to reclaim their
spiritual heritage, explore their connections to the global community,
express concerns about the issues of justice, and experiment with new
approaches to bringing this dialogue to the larger religious community,
well as society at large.

The workshop is appropriate for all levels of participants, whether
religious leaders or laypersons. It enables individuals and groups to
often-controversial issues and present them in a relevant and reasonable
manner to their families, neighborhoods and worship groups. 

The Whole Shebang: 
How Congregations Contribute to the Future of the Planet

The workshop, led by Rev. Dr. Gary Gunderson, gives leaders of all faiths
opportunity to explore their capacity to unlock the enduring strengths of
congregations that can build the wholeness of communities and the planet.
The workshop may be especially good news for smaller congregations that
members sensitive to challenges of human need and environmental stress
think such problems are beyond their capacity to engage meaningfully. 

Based on the framework of the book Deeply Woven Roots, participants:

*       Visualize and map their congregation in terms of its eight enduring
strengths (to accompany, convene, connect, frame or story, bless, pray,
sanctuary, endure) 

*       Explore practical ways to develop and enhance the specific strengths
present in their current congregations 

*       Identify specific ways the congregational strengths might be
exercised in the context of the global challenges of environment and

Stewardship of Our Minds, Bodies, Spirits and Emotions

We are each a wonderous work of art. Each person is responsible for being
wise steward over his/her well-put-together system. In the course of this
workshop, Rev. Dr. Margaret Mitchell and Brother Gary Morton will share
to become better personal stewards. 

The overall workshop theme will be: 

Healthy people=healthier families and congregations=healthier
communities=healthier world 

Together we will explore: 

*       Expanding our perception of the word "health" 

*       The difference between being "in health" versus "in dis-ease" 

*       How our lifestyle choices are major determinants of our health 

*       How what we eat and drink affects our health 

*       How to be proactive rather than reactive about our health 

*       The benefits of fasting as a preventative spiritual and health

*       How nonviolence and love strengthens our total well-being 

*       How the Hippocratic oath, "First Do No Harm," applies to our
personal well-being 

Course Leader Bios:

Rev. Dr. Margaret Mitchell and Brother Gary Morton, 
a husband and wife working team, have a health ministry in inner
at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church. Inspiring teachers of health,
follow a vegetarian and fasting discipline for themselves and have
with many model teachers, including Dick Gregory. A teacher in the public
schools for 30 years, Rev. Margaret is a director of supportive care for
Olivet's Health and Education Institute, while Brother Gary, as a
builder, is hospitality and maintenance coordinator.

Patricia Waak, M.A., D. Min.,
a Senior Advisor for Audubon's Population and Habitat Program, has served
a diverse series of leadership responsibilities dealing with global
and environmental issues, notably as the initiator of Audubon's
internationally recognized population efforts. She is a certified
therapist and Jungian psychologist. A front line organizer and deeply
reflective thinker, Pat is now exploring advanced research in
and the environment. Her book, Planet Awakening, is one of the workshop

Gary Gunderson, D. Min.,
Director of the Interfaith Health Program at Emory University, has worked
for years as an activist leader in the areas of faith, health and
In seven years at The Carter Center he has worked closely with
decision-makers in health systems, government, foundations, denominations
and community. Author of one of the workshop texts, Deeply Woven Roots,
numerous articles, he challenges leaders to keep faith with their faith
with the modern world. 

Lise Rousseau, Communications Director 
Population & Habitat Program 
National Audubon Society 
4730 Table Mesa Drive Suite I 
Boulder CO 80305 
303.554-7600; 303.554-6080 fax 

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