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My editing and proof-reading skills are, as ever, at your disposal :-)

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Sorry for the slow reply - I had my main email machine out of commission for
a week and 
some things slipped through the cracks.

I've been away from active AV work for 10 years now, other than some
high-level consulting. 
Of course, listening to a radio interview yesterday about Stuxnet <sp?> by a
expert" was rather sobering - there is still  a plethora of people who do
not really understand 
what the risks are and what each new critter means. The guy was ranting and
raving about 
how this was such a BIG THING and I was thinking... hmmm.. we anticipated
this back when 
we discovered that memory on Intel network cards could be an infection
vector about... only 
about 12 years ago, or was it longer than that?

But enough nostalgic rambling from me. :-)

My personal and professional life has been one of much slowness and
distraction these past 
3 years, as my separation and divorce process has taken far longer than I
wanted or 
expected it to. Things are almost finalized by all the gnomes in bureaucracy
land, and if all 
goes well, I will be in a much better place to even consider this sort of
project next year. 

So, here's the plan at this point:

- from now until Dec 31st, please figure out what sort of commitment you
would be able and 
willing to commit to the project during 1Q 2011. 

1. We need

- writers of chapters
- peer reviewers of chapters
- editors of chapters
- coordinators of sections

so please figure out which of these would be workable for each of you. 

2.  We need a workable collaboration technology. Last time I looked at
googledocs, it 
seemed rather clumsy and limited. Maybe it is better now. Suggestions?

3. We need a place to brain-storm and that I can handle easily, I think, on
one of my 
domains. I'll waddle over and check that out - I think I can get a proper
forum setup pretty 
Robert Vibert
<not quite dead yet>

> Hi Rob, it seems like the question is back to you;-) 
> I am still interested tosee this project moving forward, such a good
> ideal,but it has been for a long while. We can still collaborate
> through emails, and work on different chapters independently, but we
> need to have a driver. What do you think? 

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