<USS Avalon> "Infected" Cmdr. Skyler

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  • Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 21:39:33 EST

Cmdr. Skyler
Skyler tried repeatedly to leave the holodeck and close the program but the  
computer was not cooperating.
"Computer, close program and open holodeck doors."
"Un...able...to.... com..ply."
What the hell thought Skyler. "Computer, the is Commander Skyler, close  this 
program and open these holodeck doors now."
"Georgia, I don't know what the hell is going on, but something is not  
right. Help me pry these doors open."
The two women managed with all their combined strength to pry the doors  open 
enough to squeeze out, although Georgia had a more difficult time of it  than 
Skyler did. Once out of the holodeck they noticed the lights were  flickering 
on and off. "Georgia you head back to sickbay and make sure  everything is 
okay, I am heading back to the bridge."
Watching as Georgia made her way to sickbay, Skyler made her way to the  
bridge. Upon her arrival she found the Captain sitting in his chair with the  
lights flickering on and off.
She took her place in her chair and took a breath before speaking with the  
Captain. "I think we have a definite problem and if my instincts are correct if 
 we don't fix it fast this ship is doomed." 
"I think that somehow the gel packs have become infected and the infection  
is spreading throughout the ship." She waited for him to reply or to do 
anything  for that matter.

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