<USS Avalon> A letter from the Hosts.

  • From: CptKetchum@xxxxxxx
  • To: avalon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 03:07:19 EST

To the crew of the USS  Avalon,
This letter is being sent as a reminder  to all members of the Avalon. It is 
not directed at any one person, nor is it  meant to cause distention. It is 
simply a reminder to everyone.
When writing logs in which you want to  use another person's character, 
please contact that character's writer and get  permission to use their 
Sometimes there are storylines that have been  developed in the background 
that people are unaware of. By not checking with the  writer you could be 
interfering with a storyline that is already in development.  Also it is common 
courtesy to ask permission before going ahead and "borrowing"  another person's 
character, not just on the Avalon, but on sims as a  whole.
This helps to avoid conflict and  hurt feelings, eliminate further 
misunderstandings and conflicts. If you  have any question's do not hesitate to 
ask that 
character's writer. If you are  unsure who is playing that character please 
feel free to ask either the Captain  or the XO. We will do our best to help you 
to get in touch with the writer in  question.
It only takes an email or IM to see if  they are in agreement with you using 
their character or if they have any input  as to how they would like their 
character used. If they do not want you to use  their character, do not take 
offense at it. It is nothing personal.
Thank you for your  consideration.
    Keith                            Skyler
Fleet Captain Keith Ketchum and Captain  (Commander) Skyler

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