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*In this issue... Storytelling!*


   by Kenneth Wilber

The first stories were depicted in the oldest cave drawings. Then the
written word along with the paintings frescoes and paintings of walls in
Egyptian tombs Greek homes and ancient graffiti.

The art of storytelling for eons was verbal myths, legends, history and
ancient knowledge passed down orally. With the written word and the
printing press the writings of wordsmiths, poets,

scholars and play writers were able to reach an ever widening audience. The
ability to paint pictures with words created a hungry audience of readers
of dime store novels, reference books, how to pamphlets and the works of
two of the greatest painters of pictures with words,  Arthur Conan Doyle
and to my mind the greatest wordsmith, Agatha Christie!!!

A while back I was watching an old black and white British Agatha Christie
movie that I know I had never seen before. There was a scene of a thatched
roof cottage that was the scene of a crime and the view was from the
outside. The moment I saw this scene I recognized it knowing I had not seen
this movie. What I recognized was the exact description I had read in the
book written by Agatha Christie. Her storytelling skills were so precise
that how she described this scene in the novel painted a picture in mind
that I recognized some 15 years later when I saw this movie.

The art of storytelling will live forever. The progress in this art has
lasted hundreds of thousands of years and with the addition of technology,
from the radio, cartoons, TV, color TV, 3D TV, movies, 3D movies immersive
video games and the Holodeck from Star trek is just around the corner.

Wordsmiths, novelists, screenplay and play writers, copywriters, comic book
writers and all wordsmiths have an opportunity to embrace all that is
available to bring their written words to life.

If you’ve ever read Mad Magazine, it might have been a comic book but it
was not just for kids. There were some very heavy messages and ideas that
were incorporated in that magazine that was over the heads of just comic
book readers.

If the idea of bringing your written words, ideas and thoughts to a visual
experience appeals to you, you can see what is possible, at


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