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*In this issue...*

*Character Review in Your Novel**, by Bruce L. Cook*
*  **Why Do Romance Novels Have Such A Strong Fan Base?, by Carmella

*Character Review in Your Novel**
by Bruce L. Cook*

At some point, while writing a novel, you reach a point where you start to
wrap things up. Here is your chance to conduct a review of characters.

Look back on your characters and find some you have basically "left
hanging" without closure. (Others just had brief but necessary appearances
and don't necessarily require such resolution.) In this step you are
viewing characters as resources which may or may not add strength to your

This kind of review is particularly useful as you approach the completion
of the novel. Despite your best crafted plans, you consider whether certain
character(s) could be brought to bear in your conclusion. The others can
remain as they are, with no further action.

Whatever you do, the inclusion of such characters at the end must support
your purpose. For example, in a story I'm writing about a problem in
Afghanistan, I have a perfect place for an American anthropologist I
featured in the first chapters. She could easily and emotionally lead the
conclusion to my story. However, since it is not at all my purpose to have
an American solve an Afghan problem, I shall not include her in the

As a caveat, it’s true that he story should resolve the action for all
characters. In my example above, the American anthropologist has already
completed her function in the story kin the last part of the novel. In the
character review, on the other hand, we are considering whether to bring a
character back at the ending, for any strong element from the early parts
can have great impact when combined with other elements to create a strong

At its most basic level, a novel is a story and a story is about people. As
authors, it’s our responsibility to keep track of the characters we create
and give them the strength they deserve.


* *Why Do Romance Novels Have Such A Strong Fan Base?
by Carmella Borchers**

*Romance books basically deal with a plot that centers on a love
relationship. Romance books should be as captivating as possible to make
the reader hooked until the final chapter. Although many find them not fit
to be considered a form of literature, the truth is that romantic books are
some of the most widely read books in the world.

A recent research into this has shown that over half of the books sold in a
period of a decade were categorized as romantic books. This could mean that
romance books belong to the biggest niche of best sellers and might even be
a profitable venture for any budding novelist.

The data from this research has dispelled some of the myths about Romance
Novels. One of them is that these types of books are read by single and
desperate ladies. Well with these kinds of figures of those who have bought
romance books for the last decade, then the conclusion is yours to make.

But generally this might mean that romance books are read by people from
all walks of life, from lawyers, doctors, employed, and the unemployed.
Another school of thought argues that romance books are more or less the
same. Reading one romantic book to the end is like reading all romance
books. They claim that there is a certain formula that is adhered to by the
writers of these books. Whilst this might be their own opinion, but the
fact remains that there are different type’s romance books in the offering.
And it’s all geared towards the fulfilment of all tastes.

Still another school of thought from a church based claim said that women
who often read romance books have problem fitting into a real relationship.
They say that these ladies will always want their partners to have
behaviours that are similar to the characters in romance books, failure to
which a breakup might occur. This is according to a recent posting on a
church website. They advise women who are addicted to reading romantic
books to instead go out and meet new friends or start a new hobby all
together free from arousing scenes.

This claim about romance books brought a tremendous reaction on online
forums, from romantic books writers, to readers. But for those who might be
interested in reading these books, the choice remains theirs. The founder
of a romance books website, advised readers of books in this niche that
there was nothing wrong with exploration of a different world of
relationships, emotional or personal relationships through works of
romantic fictions.

A notable reader of romance books who claims that she reads one book every
week says that she had never foamed in the mouth because of reading the so
called arousing scenes. She also adds that reading to her is an escape
brought to life in the fantasy of the brain. Books may be your best friend.
People read books for different reasons, maybe to pass time, gaining a
deeper understanding of a language or maybe improving their reading skills.
This might also apply to the readers of romance books.

Carmella Borcher is the author of this article and is an avid fan of
Romance Novels.

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    Publishing Emerging Writers

    July, 2012 (No. 1307)

    Publisher: Cookcomm - Bruce L. Cook, 7337 Grandview Ct.,

    Carpentersville, IL 60110 USA

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