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In 2003, for those of us who are still using historical versions of Microsoft Word, use Search and Replace – set the Find to "Format – Font – Hidden" but leave it otherwise blank, and leave the Replace box blank. Select "Replace All" and all hidden text is removed (whether it is currently "showing" or not). A very quick and simple operation.

This find and replace operation can be recorded as a macro and a button for it can then added to the toolbar using Tools – Customise.

Those with some VBA knowledge may want to edit the macro to save the document with "(Review Copy)" or similar appended to the filename (depending on whether you want to keep a copy with the hidden text still in it or not).

Once the toolbar button is set up, the removal of hidden text from a document becomes an even easier operation than it currently is in Word 2007 / 2010 / 2012 / 2020 ...


On 20/04/2011 1:41 PM, Terry Dowling wrote:

Now you’re trying to convince me to use Word 2007/10. Not until I’ve done one of your courses! When are you coming to Perth?


Actually, deleting was my recommendation.


And to me it would make more sense that the MS applications worked in a logical and consistent manner.


Thanks Christine.





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As hidden text is a machine specific setting, you cannot control the remote computer.  So as someone or other might have suggested, take a copy of your document, strip out the hidden text (easy to do as a single operation using the Inspect Document feature in Word 2007/2010), and send them the clean copy only.  This is wise in any circumstance so that you don’t make any silly mistakes.






Motto of the story, is delete, don’t hide.





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