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I have friends living in Castlemaine and Woodend who commute to Melbourne
(where most of the (bums on seats variety of) work is). That way they get
the salubrious country lifestyle out-of-hours. Recommended.



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Thanks for the welcome!


We're thinking somewhere near Melbourne. I'm American, but my wife is
Australian, from Victoria, and we're trying to get a little closer to her


I'm a member of STC here in the US, so I guess that's a place to start. I've
spoken to a couple of extremely nice and helpful Tech Writers over there,
but I'm sure I'll be at sea for a while after the move.


And I'm taking advice from all corners!







On Jun 7, 2010, at 10:48 PM, Stuart Burnfield wrote:

Robert Levy said:

> I just joined this group, and I'm not sure what the etiquette is.

> Do I just jump in? I'm not even in Australia, though I'll be moving

> there in January....

Hi Rob, and welcome. No worries--I've been on the list for nearly ten years
and I'm still not too sure what the etiquette is. Just jumping in is a
regular feature of it though.

Where are you moving to? There are formal or informal TW groups in most



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