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You are wrong. There's now at least one of us who does want to know...

Or are you saying DON'T ASK! ?


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I know  about the origin of this sign.
NONE  of you want to know why WorkCover and the RTA decided that all buses 
(and  coaches) should have this sticker placed on them before they can be 
It was  the beginning of the end for me in the automotive trade.
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I was in traffic in Sydney yesterday and the drivers side window on a bus 
had a label 
- DO NOT enter bus through window - 
The window sill was about neck high for me, so would have been rather 
Bob T

On 12/19/07, Janice  Gelb <Janice.Gelb@xxxxxxx>  wrote:Thought  those of 
you tired of having to add Cautions and
Warnings to your docs  might appreciate the winners of the 
Wacky Warning Label contest: the  grand prize went to a warning
label on a tractor that said "Avoid Death"!  Photos of the top
vote-getters at  .

-- Janice

Janice  Gelb janice.gelb@

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