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It may also have something to do with your email settings. At the bottom
of the Advanced email options, in the XP version, is an option to "Add
properties to attachments to enable reply with changes" (possibly pasted
below). I don't know if it has an incarnation in W2007, but might be
worth checking.









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I'm hoping you can help!


When I want someone to review changes I've made to a document I use the
"track changes" option so the recipient can clearly see where amendments
have been made and comment accordingly.  This seems on the surface like
a sensible thing to do.  However I'm getting push back on using this
tool because if the person I email the document to accepts all changes
then saves the document and emails it on, the tracked changes reappear
and if they then accept those changes and email the document on they
appear again and so on and so forth.  We've tried cutting and pasting
into a new document and then saving it but that doesn't clear the
tracked changes either.


I think the only way for all the changes to be accepted once and for all
is for the original creator of the document to accept them.  Is this


Is there another way around this and / or any recommendations for
another tool to track changes in Word without printing the document off
and using a highlighter the old fashioned way?!





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