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Yebbut - that depends on the nature of the problem. Fine if you can identify specifics, but not if you are limited to essentially subjective perceptions. I had a rough time at a client operation some years ago, and declined to renew my contract because I disliked the culture. I told my opposite number there that I found the culture "soul-destroying", but I couldn't cite chapter and verse that would have permitted me to tell anyone else about it.

There's also the question of the OP's precise role in the present situation. As a consultant or recruitment agent, he would be at liberty to decline to act for the employer, but he couldn't agree to act and then tell applicants not to bother. On the other hand, he could certainly advise friends and acquaintances to give the place a wide berth.

- Michael Lewis

On 2018/08/23 09:26, Christine Kent wrote:

I do not agree with the "shut up and cop it" approach. Work places are becoming increasingly abusive, and this is the fundamental premise of the "Me too " movement.  If we do not speak up against injustice, of whatever kind, it will continue and worsen.  There are ways you can do it legally. So stop being such scaredy-cats.  You can only be "done" if you are telling a lie.  To say that "I did not enjoy my time there and resigned early because my health was suffering" or "I was fired because I refused to perform actions I considered unethical", is the truth.  You cannot be done for it.  And working conditions will continue to worsen until those affected start telling the truth.  You have a moral responsibility to tell the truth.

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