atw: Re: Technical Writer / Communicator - role title in French

  • From: "Reginald Hardman" <cleardoc@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 14:54:29 +0100

Thanks Jonn,
Actually the problem I have does not relate to the keyboard. I work in
both French and English and have set up my keyboard to produce the
required characters in a convenient way. When I compose a message, and
send it to myself (for example), the accented characters appear
correctly. When I post the same message, then read it in the downloads
from austechwriter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, the accented characters appear as

I send and receive messages all day containing accented characters,
without this problem. This leads me to conclude that:
1) my system is not corrupting the characters,
2) the various email servers through which my messages are passed aren't
doing it, so
3) something in is not handling the characters, or is not
interpreting what I send correctly, or
perhaps there is some variable I need to set somewhere in my Win2000 or
Linux systems, or Mozilla browser to resolve the =3DXN codes coming from

If anyone else can shed a glimmer of light on the subject, I would be
grateful. I consider it a minor irritation, and so have not spent the
time delve more deeply into it.


On Fri, 19 Mar 2004 07:38:45 -0800, "Jonn Mero" <jmero@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> You have to change it on the keyboard. The position of some characters
> change as well.
> German: =3DFC =3DDC, =3DD6=3DF6. =3DE4=3DC4, =3DDF (double s)
> Norwegian: =3DE6 =3DC6, =3DF8 =3DD8, =3DE5 =3DC5,
> French: =3DF9  =3DE8 =3DE7 =3DE0  =3DE9  =3DB5 =3DF6  (had accent circomf=
lex in here =3D
> somewhere too)
> I'm really just checking if this works :^)
> Cheers,
> shonny
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> Ana,
> If it was my posting, your colleague is a he.
> A tech writer here is known as=3D3D20
> "r=3D3DE9dacteur technique" for a male
> "r=3D3DE9dactrice technique" for a female
> The French are not afraid, embarrassed or angered to acknowledge gender,
> they consider it an essential part if their individual identity.
> The e accent aigue in "r=3D3DE9dacteur" looks fine when I compose the =3D
> email,
> but returns from the list as =3D3D3DE9 or something. If anyone knows how =
> to
> fix
> this, I'd be happy to know.
> Par contra, if you want to know the various ways of typing accented
> characters on a non-European keyboard, contact me offline and I can send
> you a short instruction. For example, one little-known trick for users
> who work bi-lingually is to set the keyboard to "US International,
> Standard French", which saves tedious copying and pasting from the
> Character Map or switching keyboard layouts.

R=E9ginald Hardman
R=E9dacteur Technique
Paris, France=20=20=20

Reginald Hardman
Technical writer
Paris, France
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