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I have been asked to create a template (A4 paper) with very small page margins.
Can anyone tell me whether there are standard page margins?

There is no such thing as a standard margin but you might consider customary practice:

@ Allow sufficient margin for people's thumbs to hold the book without obscuring

@ Allow a binding margin in the gutter (the inside edge of facing pages where they are bound into the book). Especially important for ring, comb and wireO binding.

@ Allow a 5 mm guard margin for live art, that is, if you are going to include large photographs, tables or diagrams, any important content within them should not be closer to the page edge than 5 mm. All of these items can actually bleed
        off the page provided critical content is within the live art margin.

@ Allow a margin of typically 12--15 mm from the L and R edges of the paper for older model inkjet and laser printers that cannot print right to the edge. Some recent models CAN print to the edge but you may not like blotches,
        blobs and scan lines.

@ Allow a 3 mm binding float external to the page, that is, "negative" margin 3 mm beyond all edges for bleed art. Thus, for an A4 page of 210x297 mm, the bleed edge or margin is 216x303 mm. You need to allow this for any photographs or art that bleed off the page. These photos should extend at least to the bleed margin because there is some float in the guillotine and instead of getting a clean cut through the bleed art, you might have a thin
        annoying white strip at the very edge of the cut page.

This can be ignored for manuals printed in-house on a laser or inkjet printer. If this is the case, do NOT include any bleed art or photographs, otherwise they will have a ragged edge where they go beyond the area the printer can

@ Allow for running heads and feet, normally considered to lie outside the page margin, which is considered to only enclose the main body of text on the page.

NOTE: The trim margin is the size of the page that will be cut out of a larger sheet by
the guillotine, for example, the trim size or margin of A4 is 210x297 mm.

If you have Acrobat Professional, choose Tools > Print Production > Crop Pages. The radio buttons represent the various functional Ias opposed to aesthetic) margins.


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