atw: Re: Should we give the users what they want?

  • From: Stuart Burnfield <slb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Austechwriter <austechwriter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 17:49:56 +0900 (WST)

I wouldn't be surprised if there's been some work along these 
lines by the usability testing folks. I'll do some digging and let 
you know if anything comes up... 

FWIW I'm also one who thinks that the new media are hopelessly 
oversold. 95% of the hype about podcasts, vodcasts, blogs, VR, 
animations, mashups, multimedia multitasking teenagers, and so on 
is tosh. 

5% will eventually live up to expectations. It'll just take a few 
years of experimentation till we know which 5%. Remember that 
the early attempts at CBT, online help systems, web sites, PDFs, 
Flash, etc, produced mostly dire results. 


Geoffrey said: 
> But the real goal of my second question yesterday was to see 
> if any in our profession is using a formula, algorithm or whatever 
> to determine which media is better than some other medium 
> given such-and-such circumstances whatever the measure of 
> best might be: comprehension, performance, learning outcomes 
> and so on. I hadn?t come across any myself, or at least any 
> with the backing of scientific rigor; but if others knew of one 
> or more, then it would be good to share the information. 

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