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Warren, I'd be interested in your take on Steve Hudson's 2002 article on
the subject:

Steve was a strong advocate of the *careful* use of master docs.

Or for that matter, Office Watch's more recent "Master Documents without

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Master/sub documents did work in 2000 and on, however, there were a few
unwritten conditions that MS never discussed in the help that I found
out about and worked with and around. I haven't had the need to test it
out in Word 2007 and on. Sorry Christine - I can't help yet.

I don't believe the "rewrote the whole codebase" quote for a New York
minute either. They didn't need to rewrite it in the first place, the
changes the original system needed were negligible - code wide, but
negligible. Make-up on mutton completely changes the perception of
taste, as does good curry powder. Doesn't change the basic ingredients -
which were in master/sub documents, good to start with.

Creating master/sub documents was surprisingly easy if you followed the
obvious (once you knew) conventions that the developers had clearly used
during the planning process, but typically, never defined in the help.
Idiot scum bags for completely derailing a useful tool is all I can say
about that.

Yes, the process was fraught if you tried to do it without time to learn
and let things get broken a few times... Once you knew, it worked very
well. I repeated the process hundreds of times. And the time and stress
it saved me, and the company, working out how to do it was unbelievable.
But if you didn't follow those conventions; holy manure batman...

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