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Macquarie dictionary (revised 3rd Edition): 

   /mows/ noun, plural mice /muys/; also for defs 5 and 6 mouses
       1. any of various small rodents of the family Muridae, especially
of the genus Mus, as M. musculus, which infests houses.
       2. any similar animal of some other family, as the Cricetidae.
       3. Colloquial Refer to black eye.
       4. Colloquial a person who is very quiet and shy.
       5. a small hand-held device attached to a computer for
controlling the cursor, the movement of the mouse across the desk
paralleling the movement of the cursor to items on a menu, commands
being located by the cursor and activated by pressing a button on the
       6. optical mouse, a mouse which contains no moving parts (no
rolling ball) but which operates on a light sensitive pad which is
activated by a light directed from the mouse.
   verb, moused, mousing. verb (i)
       7. to hunt for or catch mice.
       8. to prowl (about, etc.), as if seeking something.
       9. to seek or search stealthily or watchfully, as if for prey.
   verb (t)
      10. Chiefly US to hunt out, as a cat hunts out mice.
      11. Nautical to secure with a mousing.
   [ME mous, OE mus (pl. mys), c. G Maus, L mus]

Mouses therefore gets my vote....

Steve Gould

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