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Nigel I like the way you express yourself.


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My personal (and spiritual) definition of the word "humility" is, "to
honestly appraise one's own ability and accept one's own limits". I
should include the caveat that accepting one's own limits doesn't
necessarily mean one is confined by them, however. One should always
strive to transcend one's self (blah blah).  Humility is an excellent
character trait and is the cornerstone of inner peace. While admittedly
there are some standout sports stars who are genuinely humble (e.g.
Kelly Slater), they're few and far between and the term is applied far
too loosely IMO and the meaning is lost.


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Going against the grain here, but I think this usage is absolutely
rhetorically acceptable. It's common usage to pronounce oneself
"humbled" upon achieving something noteworthy ( -- my point is exactly
that it is 'common usage', and therefore suspect), and I think there is
legitimate "humble" feeling behind it (this is just an opinion, and
furthermore only supported by circular argument: "There is a
'legitimate' feel to it because it is common usage"). Often, we don't
see our achievements in the glowing light that others do, and we may
feel that our competition performed just as well or better and therefore
feel surprised and grateful that at the end of the day,  the chips fell
our way. 


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Humbleness can provide a utilitarian good, ie provide a masking effect
that will benefit the individual who deploys this narrative in this way.
Being perceived as 'humble' reduces one's susceptibility to attack from


In real terms, however, it is unlikely that the person is actually
humble, especially if being required to 'step up to a new level'. Under
these conditions, 'real' humbleness will probably be more of a liability
than anything else.




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Maybe they've been eating humble pie (Kim Beazley's favourite meal).

Kathy Bowman wrote:

Have you noticed that every sports star these days is 'humbled' when
they achieve a milestone or receive an award? Has the meaning of this
word changed? I'm not sure what they mean when they say it, and I
suspect they don't know either.

Hmmm, I hope this is not sour grapes because my team (Port Adelaide) did
not make it to the finals this year!





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