atw: Re: How to Have a Rational Discussion

  • From: Pauline Khoo <>
  • To: austechwriter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 14:32:22 +1000

God doesn't mind that you discount him. It is you who is losing out on his

It is true that our culture is extremely focused on intellectual pursuits.
The other alternative is financial pursuits.

However, these are all very effective distractions ... they keep you really
occupied, some say on less important things. But not THE most important

Your mind is a gift. That you have been given a rational mind is a gift. Not
everybody is gifted the same way. In addition, we seem to be over-valueing
our strengths, and under-valueing our weaknesses. They are both equally

That there are contradictions in the world means that we have to navigate a
life that is full of contradictions. Hard truths lead to hard heartedness
and myopic viewpoints. They don't lend themselves to the development of
wisdom. As an example, the Bible is full of contradictions so that we as a
humanity may learn to live with apparent contradictions. Too much of hard
truths lead to conflicts (even within the church). That is why we need a
leadership of the one and only God, without which we also are a lost
humanity. The argument of a God suggests a greater wisdom in the creator of
wisdom. Intelligence is not wrong. Wisdom is a creation of God. He laid the
earth's foundations with wisdom.

In order to have freedom of choice, we must learn to deal with
contradictions and opposing viewpoints. I value freedom of choice because it
is a gift of God. But choice leads to consequences. If you choose this, then
the consequences are these. If you choose that, then the consequences are
that. Therefore choose wisely ... choose freedom ... choose life ... choose
blessings ... choose wisdom ...

Pauline Khoo

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